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You Have To Start Somewhere

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Why do we let things pile up around the house?? Simply put, life gets in the way! We set out with the best of intentions to keep things organized but time gets the best of us and so unwanted clutter is born. It comes in many forms – a messy pantry, countertop clutter, a closet disaster or a child’s untamed play room. Whatever your clutter may be now is a good time to get it under control. In our last blog we told you that it does not matter where you start because every person and each home is different, you just have to start somewhere!

So in an effort to abide by the age old rule of “You can’t fix others until you fix yourself,” start where it will benefit you the most – your bedroom closet! Organizing your space will hopefully motivate you to begin organizing other parts of the house too!

Before attempting a closet overhaul you must take everything out. This will help you really see the space you have to work with and locate your closets best features. Do you have shelves that could be used for something other than what you were using them for? Do you have floor space for shoe storage? These are important questions to ask, not only to maximize the space you have, but to decide if you need to invest in any closet organizing tools. This is also a great time to replace all of your old wire or broken hangers with new durable hangers. Your clothes will thank you for it!

Speaking of your clothes, it’s now time to go through everything you took out of the closet and divide it all into three groups: Trash, Keep, and Donate. Try things on and make sure they still fit, if they don’t you know what to do! Follow your gut; if you have not worn it in a year or if it is torn or tattered, get rid of it. Use this rule as your guide and get to sorting. This goes for all of your shoes too!

Once you have decided what you are keeping separate it into groups that make sense. Our suggestions: Work/Business, Casual/Everyday, Formalwear, and Seasonal Items. Within each of those groups separate your clothing further into sub-groups like long sleeve, short sleeve, dress pants and jeans. You can always go one step further and group everything according to color. No matter what you decide, separating will keep you organized and will also ensure that everything has a place!

Finally it is time to put everything back in. Now that you know what your closets best features are, you know where to put everything! Keep the commonly worn items in plain site for easy access and go from there with the rest. Get Excited! You probably gained ten minutes of your morning back just from organizing your closet. Hopefully the result was worth it and you are now ready to keep moving forward on your journey for home organization. We wish you luck and don’t forget to donate! – SC

Getting Organized Is No Longer On The Sidelines In The New Year

Monday, January 4th, 2010

With all the gift giving and receiving at year end, now is the perfect time to clear out clutter to make room for the new items in  your life at the beginning of a New Year. Where to start? It doesn’t really matter because each person and each home is different. Your home’s living room may look like a disaster after the long weekend of college football games, with memorabilia and dishes still strewn around the furniture. On the other hand, your guest room may have been Ground Zero for organizing festivities, with wrapping paper, gift tags and shopping bags piled in every corner. The key to feeling better about kicking off the New Year right is to jump in as quickly as possible so that you feel you’re getting control of your life…and home.

Start with sorting tools closest at hand. Whether that’s leftover empty boxes or garbage bags, designate three places or containers to begin the sorting: one for throwing away, one for keeping, and one for the undecided junk. (You can sift through those belongings a bit later to decide if they’re keepers or not.) If you can designate a fourth bag or box for charity giveaways, all the better.

Dig in! Where does your eye land first? Just begin grabbing whatever is within reach. At this time of year, many of us feel overwhelmed and have a sense that we’re still too far behind getting things done for the previous year that it’s hard to get a clean start for the New Year. Our feelings of drowning in clutter and disorganization practically stop us in our tracks, like deer in headlights, preventing us from simply jumping in and kicking off a great New Year.

Just do it! It doesn’t even matter how far you get into the project. Over the next several days and a couple of weeks, we’ll post lots of organizational tips and tricks – for the mind and body – to help you get off the sidelines and up to the scrimmage line, where all the action is, to help kick off your New Year clutter-free.

For now, just grab everything you’re sure is trash and get it out of the house. Then sort through the “definitely stays” and “not sure” items. If you know where the “definitely stays” stuff is stored, put it away. If it may need a new home, we’ll have lots of tips on designating new, permanent storage locations for your belongings.

You need as much peace of mind to start the New Year off right as you can create. And ‘peace of mind’ truly is a state of mind you must create for yourself by doing all the things – including clearing clutter – that get you to that place. It may take five minutes or five hours. But once you get on the road to a little peace, you’ll begin to feel like you’re starting off the New Year with a fresh attitude and a fresh space.

You can’t do it all at once, but if you keep chiseling away at it, bit by bit, room by room, project by project, you’ll be completely organized in just a couple of weeks. Get started! — MM