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Product FAQ's

1. What is the differene between the Deluxe Series, The Premier Series and the Elite Series.

Here are the basic differences:

  • The DELUXE SERIES racks are constructed of sturdy steel and roll out on high quality ball bearing slides. The housing on the Deluxe Racks are also squared at the edges.

  • The PREMIER SERIES racks are constructed of durable aluminum, extend out and then pivot 90 degrees to face you. The housing on Premier Racks is rounded at the edges.

  • The ELITE SERIES racks are constructed of durable aluminum, extend out on full extension, ball bearing slides and contain a one-touch soft close mechanism. Although they look a lot like the Premier Series, they do not pivot. The housing on Elite Racks are also rounded at the edges.


Products in the DELUXE, PREMIER and ELITE series are all offered in our FOUR main finishes, POLISHED CHROME, SATIN CHROME, SATIN NICKEL and BRONZE.



2. What are the difference between the Deluxe Closet Valet Rod, the Telescopic Closet Valet Rod and the Laundry Valet Rod?

  • The DELUXE CLOSET VALET has the same design as all of the other items in the Deluxe Series, meaning the housing is the same material, design and style (squared). All Deluxe Valets operate with rolling ball bearing slides.

  • The TELESCOPIC VALET (TVR) matches the material, design and style of the Premier and Elite Series (housing with rounded edges). The Telescopic Valets Pop-Out with an easy one touch mechansim. One added feature of the TVR is its’ ability to be mounted under a shelf. The weight capacity for both types of valets have been tested at 35 & 40 lbs. 

  • The LAUNDRY VALET is an adjustable wall mounted valet with 5 positions that can be extended out at different angles to hang clothing on. It is perfect for a drip dry application or when you need to have several items displayed at an angle.


3. Do all accessories come with mounting instructions and all applicable hardware?

  • Yes. All products are packed with mounting or installation instructions including line drawings to illustrate. Any necessary hardware such as wood or euro screws, etc. are provided as well.


4.  What is a 32mm drill system and are there other installation specifications I should know?

  • Traditionally all custom closets are based on the 32mm drill system meaning that closet systems are constructed using partitions (upright panels) and shelves using wood or laminated particle board. The uprights are predrilled with holes 32mm apart vertically so that shelves, baskets, accessories can be installed at just about any height and easily removed or relocated. The most frequently used hole patterns are set at 37mm or 68mm 




from the front edge. All Sidelines products are manufactured to accommodate these specifications making installation quick & easy. Furthermore, custom closets are based on 3 standard widths (inside dimension from left to right between partitions) 18”, 24” and 30” and 3 depths (front to back) 12”, 14” and 16”. The most popular in the industry is the 14” depth. We offer a limited amount of accessroies in the 12" depth. Note that the 14” accessories can be used in 14” and 16” depths or greater.


5. What is the purpose of the Sidelines Slanted Hampers?

  • The purpose of the slanted hamper is to provide a removable hamper basket for soiled laundry which can be hidden behind a tilt down door. The slant in the back of the basket allows the tilting door to be opened and closed without the basket hitting the top of the wood frame or opening. Each basket comes equipped with a mounting bracket which easily screws into the back of the tilt down door and a flap stay which is a type of hardware which prevents the door from falling down when opened, as well as softening the opening and closing of the door. Sidelines also offers a full line of removable canvas bag inserts for all sizes of our hamper baskets for easy transport of laundry.


6. Why is the Sidelines Scratch Guard Non-Spin Closet Pole (Rod) so unique and what are its features?

  • The Sidelines Scratch Guard Non-Spin Closet Pole is the first pole of its kind! It replaces older type closet poles with a newer, better and stronger pole application then the existing options available. Its' 1-5/8” outside dimension gives it greater strength, and its' unique integrated Pole Guard - the two channels which the plastic pole guard in place, travel the entire length of the 8’ pole protecting its beautiful series coordinated finish (no scratching from sliding hangers) and eliminates that awful screeching sound sliding hangers can make. Use it with the appropraite finish die cast end cups which snap easily into the 32mm system holes. Simply cut the pole to size. And best yet, this pole is strong, no center support necessary, even when using the full 8' length!


7. There are lots of wardrobe hooks available out there. What separates the Sideline hooks from the rest?

  • The novel design of our hooks (single and 3-way hooks) gives a much more beautiful appearance as the hardware is concealed. Simply screw in the mounting plate on the surface of the wall or partition and snap the hook downward into place. No visible hardware or screws! And the finishes match our accessories perfectly!


8. What finishes are Sidelines products available in?

  • Accessories and Baskets are available in 4 coordinating finishes Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel and Bronze.

  • Baskets are also available in Classic White


9. Is a product warranty offered?

  • Yes, every product carries a limited lifetime warranty on ordinary wear and tear under proper installation and usage.

Have a question that is not listed above?


Our customer service representatives are happy to help! Contact us at

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